AfrikaDU is a project made by COIS

The researchers involved in the project are coordinated using a common working platform

Chairman of the COIS
Prof. Giovanni Cimbalo

Scientific Committee: Prof. Francesco Alicino, Prof.ssa Roberta Aluffi, Prof.ssa Federica Botti, Prof.ssa Adoracion Castro Jover, Prof. Giuseppe D’Angelo, Prof. Nicola Fiorita, Prof. Roberto Mazzola

Technical and organizational coordinator of the project: Dr. Clizia Franceschini

Accountable for countries:

Magreb and French-speaking countries: Ichrak El Houda Bouchmim

English-speaking countries: Dr. Sadia Tuli

Arabic-speaking countries: Dr. Clizia Franceschini

Angola, Monzambico, Guinea Bissau, Capoverde, São Tome - Principe: Dr. Marta Costa da Silva

Graphic design by Angelo Sellari

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